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If the browser is where we go to the web, then email is where the web comes to us.
So why is email no fun?

For most of us email is a chore. You’re either wading through a jumbled mess of messages, or you’re forever stuck playing inbox whack-a-mole, desperately trying to reach inbox-zero nirvana. It's exhausting.

But if you look past all chaos, email is amazing. Over 4 billion of us use it to communicate, work, transact, and do so much more online.

Yet despite all the different types of emails we receive, there's only ever one interface for them all. Our inboxes treat receipts the same as conversations, and newsletters the same as files. These things are forced to live side by side.

But what if your mail app was smart enough to know the difference between these types of messages and could adapt to them? That’s Big Mail.

Big Mail is a radical new interface for your inbox.

Big Mail works with your existing email address, and within seconds transforms it into something cleaner, calmer, and dare we say: fun. It runs on your Mac, iPhone and iPad.

There’s a lot of exciting features in Big Mail, but here's just three features that show some of the thinking behind Big Mail.


At the heart of Big Mail are Scenes. Each scene has a specifically designed interface and layout for that type of email.

Take newsletters as an example. When you're reading them you don't need the reply button, and you don't want to see your other messages. So Big Mail presents newsletters in a beautiful fullscreen reading experience. Want your next newsletter? Just swipe.

Newsletters appear inviting — more like a magazine or social network than what you've come to expect from a typical email app.

Purchases. Have access to all your receipts in one place. You can even see what you've spent each month.

The best part of Scenes is that they’re entirely automatic – you don’t need to do anything. Big Mail has been trained to understand thousands of emails and intelligently sorts your emails for you.

Big Mail will have six scenes at launch: Conversations, Newsletters, Purchases, Notifications, Events and Files, with even more to follow in future updates.


Have you ever been working on a project over email with lots of threads, files and people involved? It can quickly get out of control and be difficult to stay on top of what’s happening.

Collections unify a particular topic or project into a single workspace. You can get a bird's-eye view of all conversations, as well as access relevant files and contacts in a single tap.

Creating a collection is easy. There's no need to setup fiddly mail rules that can quickly get out of date: just drag a few example emails into a collection and Big Mail will intelligently figure out what existing and future messages belong to it – it just works.

Privacy and Security

The biggest feature of Big Mail is the one you can't see: its privacy and security.

Unlike other mail apps that route all your sensitive emails through their servers, all of the features in Big Mail work by doing processing locally on your device: we never see any of your messages. It also means that it's one less place to be compromised.

And whilst some other apps make their money by analysing your emails and selling that data to third parties, we won't and never will. Big Mail has one simple business model: you pay for it. That way our incentives are kept aligned with yours. It's clear, fair, and respects your privacy. Nice.

And much more

That was just a peek at three features from Big Mail, but here's what else you can expect in version 1.0:

Native look and feel
Reply Later
Approve new senders
Stop senders with a single click
Attachments in the finder
Undo send
Work hours
Magic Avatars

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Demand for Big Mail has been BIG. Our beta 1 registration is now closed, but you can still join the waitlist to be notified when new spaces open up. Full release slated for early 2021.

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